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BlueCheck Age Verification FAQ

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BlueCheck Age Verification

We have been getting a lot of questions and comments from our online customers about our age verification system BlueCheck. In order for us to continue operating lawfully and ethically we implemented a more thorough age verification system. While BlueCheck does ask for more information than most customers are accustomed to giving please understand that it is only a one-time verification per account. If customers choose to not create an account their age will need to be verified for every order. We encourage our online customers to create an account for easier and faster check out.

Last week BlueCheck participated in a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) If you have any questions or concerns about our new age verification we encourage you to read through the AMA first. Alex Zeig, the CEO of BlueCheck did a great job answering everyone's questions. If you still have questions for BlueCheck their contact information is listed in the AMA

Below are a few of the more frequently asked questions.

- How quick is the turn around for sending the photo of the ID and yourself with it to getting the O.K. to continue with the purchase?

Immediate - the majority of our verifications happen within 5 mins and that's the goal we are aiming to keep.

- Can we, as the consumer, cross out any information on our ID we don't want to give out such as our SSN if it's on their or DL number?

Yep - what I need to see is the full license (to show it's not clipped), picture, full name, DOB, and the license #.

- Why do you require the last four of SSN when others do not?

This has been a question that has plagued me for a while! The original goal of BlueCheck was a simple way to verify that the person you were interacting with online was who they said they were. So the question becomes: What is the easiest, most frictionless way, to verify an identity?

I’ve looked at everything from photo recognition to social media mapping to voice verification/biometrics (Dragon API). Everything always came back with some sort of hitch – either there was hardware required, or it wasn’t a ~100% match on a person, ie: people can create multiple social media profiles, to do biometrics you need a phone or webcam.

We always came back to SSN – however as the outcry noted, it’s a big ask! But it’s the easiest and fastest way to verify identity.

The issue, on the other end of the spectrum, is that some people (fin-tech, etc) feel that SSN isn’t valuable enough anymore. That there have been too many breaches. So for now, we feel comfortable drawing our line in the sand at SSN (it’s only last 4 btw) and doing extra validation on those we can’t automatically verify.

- What do you do with the information submitted after you verify their age? I know the last 4 digits aren't stored, but what about the rest of the info? Are you keeping it? For what purpose?

We do keep the remaining info – because our software is designed to allow the user (you) to easily verify your identity on any site, you won’t be asked for that information again. The alternative to not keeping the information would be asking for it every time – which isn’t a great user experience.

Customers name and billing address doesn't constitute a "verified" identity - anyone could be putting that information in. How are you verifying that the information actually matches the person who entered it? When you ask for the last 4 of SSN or have a pic of their ID, you are much more likely dealing with the actual individual.

You can email our support line help@bluecheck.me or shoot a personal email alex@bluecheck.me. We honor every and all requests 

Here is a direct link to the AMA: Click here to read the AMA

You can read BlueCheck's privacy policy here

We highly recommend placing your order from a PC and not on a mobile device. There Are some bugs with ordering on a mobile device that are still being worked out.

If don't want to use the BlueCheck System please send us an email at sales@vaporkick.com BEFORE you place an order and we can do a manual age verification.